CH. C-Myste Dakota RE, CGC
(CH Talbot's Trooping the Colours x CH C-Myste Bahama Mama)

(OFA Hips: Fair: WCC-1107F24M-PI)
DM Clear : 2 copies of the normal allele
06/02/2003 ~ 12/15/2017
~Always In My Heart~

Dakota, at 9 years old after a play session with the hose.

(Above - Kota at 5 years old - June 2008 - Flagstaff, AZ)

While I was up in Oregon for a show, Carolyn had some puppies that were getting ready to find new homes.  I left Carolyn's house in tears and went back that direction a week later to get the puppy who I can truly call my doggie savior.  Dakota (CH. C-Myste Dakota, RA, CGC) was truly a blessing from the minute he came into my life.  Dakota is my first Cardigan, my first AKC Champion, and my first dog to earn any sort of Obedience title.  He's a great ambassador for the breed and I can't imagine having been given a better start to the breed.

Dakota started agility and had a real love of the game.  He came out of "cheerleader" mode (he finished his conformation championship in January of 2005) to finally have some time in the spot light!  Due to an injury, Kota took time off from his agility training, and in the meantime was diagnosed with arthritis.

Kota's main job now is to keep the younger dogs in line and to make his mom smile.  He's a master of his jobs!

The photo below was taken at the 2007 Nationals in Pleasanton, CA as we were grooming for the Megan competition.


Pictured below, Kota wins Breed at the Donner Trail Kennel Club in October of 2005.


The every day Kota...

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