CH Coedwig Tanalyn's Morning Glory
(CH Pecan Valley Blue Thunder x CH Coedwig's Black Eyed Susan)

DM Clear : 2 copies of the normal allele
Coat Length: Carrier - 1 short coat allele / 1 long coat mutation
DOB: 12/27/2011

As with her uncle (Chance), I was not looking for a puppy when I happened upon Glory.  I long admired Kim Shira's girl, Kitty (CH Coedwig's Silver Lynx) and Leda Thompson's girl, Sandie (GCH Coedwig's A Walk On The Beach), so when the breeding was repeated, I thought I'd ask Leda if the blue girls were spoken for.  That was all it took to take me to the top of the list, it seems!  Susie (Chance's littermate) and Thunder produced so nicely together in the first litter that they repeated the breeding, and as luck would have it, I got Glory.  

Glory wasn't an easy dog to show, or to finish for that matter.  She much preferred to be at home.  She didn't show her anxiety to the naked eye but I knew what she was going through.  We worked together very hard to get her past her anxiety and she came back to finish with back to back majors in Albuquerque, NM in May of 2015.  

Glory is as sweet as she is striking.  Her light blue is contrasted by deep black and gray patches.  Her tan points are a bonus, as I am a HUGE fan of tan points!  

Glory made her mark as a mother in late 2015 and graced me with 4 puppies sired by Timber (CH Coedwig's Timber).  Her son Ash is a Champion and has sired 2 litters, her dauther Maple is major pointed, and her other daughter Cedar lacks 1 point to finish.  

Glory was a sweet, adorable little water baby!!!


and some things never change.... 
Glory at 5 years old, loving her pool

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