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I live on a third of an acre in Mesa, AZ. Due to the placement of my home, I am fortunate to have spacious front and back yards for the dogs to spend time in as they so choose. My home is situated at the end and corner of a private road with no through traffic, increasing the safety of not only myself but for my dogs as well. We live adjacent to a 5 acre bird farm, which allows for enjoyable bird sounds, and the occasional bird chase ;-)

My dogs have full run of the house. I choose not to separate my pack, but rather run them together so long as personalities allow. They lay on the couch with me as I watch TV in the evenings, and sleep in bed with me each night as they choose.


I raise puppies in my guest bedroom for the first two to three weeks of their lives, and then move them out into a front room which connects to the living room. Putting the puppies in this place once their eyes and ears are acclimated to their new surroundings in the bedroom allow them to become a member of the pack. They hear daily living sounds such as cooking and cleaning (and barking) and they experience life as the rest of my pack does.

At around 4-5 weeks I begin taking them outside to not only experience the outside and all it has to offer (in confined areas), but to also begin the potty training experience. They go in and out several times a day, as I am able, given my work schedule.

When I have puppies, I come home during my lunch to let the puppies out and or clean up after them. I have a puppy cam on from the day they are born until well after they’ve left.

My home is open to potential puppy people by appointment, and to dog family any time.

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