Our Mission

Tanalyn Cardigan Welsh Corgis is dedicated to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi standard and upholding breeding practices of a responsible breeder. Most importantly we are dedicated to breeding healthy, happy pets. I feel that is the most important career a dog can have in his life. Some of these pets may have dual jobs as show dogs or performance dogs.

What I strive for:

Outstanding temperament correct to the breed. A Cardigan is not a Cardigan without a correct temperament. In my opinion this means a dog with a people loving, easy going personality that is easily adaptable. Neither dog nor people aggressive. Never hyper or shy. Intelligent, eager to please and a joy to train.

Healthy animals, as proven through stringent health tests. This includes; CERF testing for eyes. OFA certification for hips.  All dogs bred have been screened for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) either by genetic testing or by parentage. We are also believers of contributing to the knowledge database of Degenerative Mylopetahy. The testing and disease in Cardigans is somewhat controversial still, however, I will test and contribute to the database in hopes that we can learn more about this disease and how or if it negatively effects our breed.

Breed Type that fits the breed standard with no extreme structural faults. This will be shown by exhibiting in AKC shows and attaining a Championship title or being pointed along with being evaluated by other breeders and knowledgeable dog people.

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